Crowd Computing: Start a Computing Revolution

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” — Steve Jobs

Over the last few decades, the power of community has brought about incredible progress and development. The same goes for computing. Idle CPU cycles from millions of individually owned devices can generate enormous processing capacity. This is also known as crowd computing. Though the concept isn’t new, in our age of blockchain, smartphones and Raspberry Pis, it’s become more relevant than ever. We’d even go as far to say it’s the future of development.

Our definition of crowd computing

Crowd computing is the decentralized counterpart to cloud-computing, in which the enormous computing power of the masses acts as your on-demand service. Think of your smartphone. If you’re not using it, it just sits in your pocket, wasting potential CPU capacity. But when small computers — which smartphones essentially are — work together, they can provide computation capabilities comparable to a supercomputing infrastructure. Sometimes even better! And since mobile devices are becoming increasingly powerful, we think now is the perfect time to put your off-screen time to good use.

Cost-effective crowd computing app

We’re building our own crowd computing app, which you can use to earn $NOS tokens anywhere and anytime, even while you sleep. With the Nosana app, we address the ever-increasing computing power demand and supply gap.

The Nosana app is also a cost-effective alternative to cloud infrastructures. Usually, buying and maintaining the necessary high-performance computing systems are extremely expensive endeavors. That’s why cloud infrastructures are a monopoly with a few large corporations. But because our app runs on users’ computing power, it also acts as a high-performance computing facility. Only a much more affordable one, and completely on-demand.

Involved contributor community

When you use our crowd computing app, cost-savings is not the only benefit you’ll receive. Utilizing our app helps you build a strong community of contributors, which is key to your project’s long-term sustainability.

Simply put, an active community makes your project more likely to succeed. We believe our form of engagement can really make your followers part of your project’s technical success. When they feel a sense of ownership and commitment, it’ll transform your community for the better, making your project even more successful. So tap into it!



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