Hello Devs! We’re Nosana

2 min readNov 25, 2021


Nosana enables projects to move from the cloud to the crowd.

We help open source projects to build software faster, more cost-effective and secure. We’re the first decentralized computation platform powered by the Solana Network, and fueled by the NOS token.

Most software runs in the public cloud. Public cloud consists of large server farms owned by big companies. As we move towards a more decentralized future, projects should not have to rely on these faceless parties for daily operation. Nosana believes that communities can provide the computation that is needed in a decentralized way. Furthermore, a strong community can keep a project powered for eternity. The computations in the Metaverse should not require a credit card attached to your Amazon account, but should be provided directly by its users. Nosana enables projects to move from the cloud to the crowd.

At its core Nosana is a crowd-computing platform, where community members can rent out the CPU capacity of their devices to their favorite projects and earn NOS tokens. Most consumer hardware will be supported, making it a very accessible way to generate extra income. With Nosana, open source projects do not have to rely on Big Tech for their automation needs.

CI by the people, for the people!

Our launching product is a platform for software automation pipelines. Developers & supporters can use and share each other’s compute power to execute their software delivery pipelines. Support others by running code checks or build container images and get NOS tokens in return. No technological knowledge is required, only a strong belief in the projects of our open source and crypto communities. Use this power to your advantage and start using Nosana nodes to run your pipelines. CI by the people, for the people!