Meet our backer: Solanium

If you’ve read our previous posts, you already know who we are. If you haven’t: hello! We’re Nosana, the world’s first decentralized crowd-computation platform. Powered by the Solana Network, fueled by the $NOS token. Here to support developers with their open-source projects, so they can build software that’s fast, cost-effective, and secure.

We can’t do it alone, however, especially not if we want to keep growing. That’s why we’re supported by strong industry leaders like Solanium, as well as other backers, which we’ll spotlight soon. Today, we’re proud to introduce you to Solanium!

Supported by strong industry leaders like Solanium.

Solanium is the Solana blockchain’s primary fundraising and trading platform. They feature the hottest Solana projects and let their users stake tokens, trade on DEX, and manage their Solana wallet.

Solanium is known for its active community. So much so that one of their core contributors spoke at Solana’s BreakPoint conference on how they cultivated an engaged community around Solanium’s successful launchpad within the Solana ecosystem. Without the Solanium Launchpad, many incredible projects would never have seen the light of day, including DeFi Land (158x), Cryowar (224x), and Port Finance (38x).

You can’t put a price on Solanium’s community development knowledge and experience launching successful new ventures.

But back to us, and how Solanium enhances the Nosana project. Of course, there’s the initial financial assistance, but Solanium supports us in other ways too. For starters, they’ve handpicked our project for their Launchpad on January 10th. We’re also working with the Solanium marketing team to spread the word about Nosana in their community. This is a pretty big deal, considering they’ve got over 500k active Twitter followers — and counting. You can’t put a price on Solanium’s community development knowledge and experience launching successful new ventures. Needless to say, we’re very excited to be launching on Solanium soon.

We’ll introduce our other backers soon, so make sure you’re following our updates!




Decentralized CI/CD

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Decentralized CI/CD

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