Meet our supporter: Solana Foundation

We are Nosana — We help open source projects to build software faster, more cost-effective and secure.

We’re the first decentralized crowd-computation platform powered by the Solana Network, and fueled by the NOS token. A technical solution like ours requires serious backers and supporters in the industry that can help us grow.

Our team comprises backers, and industry leading supporters who are eager to help us expedite our efforts. Whether it’s for early financial assistance, professional advice, or sharing their industry-proven knowledge in the Dev space.

Powered by the Solana Network. Supported by the Solana Foundation.

So, let’s take a closer look at our very first supporter: Solana Foundation. Solana is the world’s quickest blockchain and the fastest growing crypto ecosystem to date, with over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more. Do we need to say anything more? ;-)

With the Solana Grant, our project got off to a great start. The Solana Grants Program helps with the introduction of new infrastructure projects, end-user apps, and everything in between to democratize the Internet. Our demo impressed the executives at Solana, giving us the final push to quit our jobs and focus on building our MVP. For readers with Dev experience; the tech demo with software automation pipelines may be found here.

The Solana Grant Program goes far beyond financial assistance. The program gives us access to Solana’s top technical support, recruitment, and marketing resources. Their strong commitment to their community and connections to blockchain professionals will undoubtedly bring value to our enterprise. We’re grateful for Solana’s trust in us, and we’re happy to be working on this life-changing solution for Devs. More updates will follow shortly!



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