Nosana: A Year in Review

We’re taking a moment to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come before setting our sights on the epic adventure that lies ahead.


Staking program
The staking program debuted with the launch of the Nosana Dashboard. Staking NOS tokens is a requirement to make use of the Nosana Network but it also provides holders with many other rewards, like climbing in the Nosana Tier system and participating in the Burner Phone NFT drops.


Casino Night
We hosted a virtual night of games and gave away four mint passes for our Burner Phone NFTs to celebrate the community and have some fun. More than 30 people joined the team and had a great time playing poker. It was a pleasant event that served as a warm-up for our Burner Phones Festival.

Vision for 2023

2023 is poised to be the year when Nosana’s core innovation proves itself in all its glory. Our view is that the time has come for peer-to-peer compute as a sector and a movement to be established and gain traction. Over the past year, we have set out a strategy to accelerate the adoption of a distributed CI/CD network. We believe that with our technical stack and advancements in play, it will be easy for developers to embrace our platform, which is our main focus point for 2023.



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