Nosana: A Year in Review

We’re taking a moment to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come before setting our sights on the epic adventure that lies ahead.

4 min readJan 2, 2023

It’s impossible to convey the magnitude of this year’s progress in a single blog post. 2022 represents a year full of learning and development for the Nosana Network.

A year and a half ago, the Nosana Network was just a small group of developers working together towards launching the Nosana CI/CD platform and building open-source tools and guidelines for the creation and managing of distributed pipelines. The year 2022 is significant because it is the year in which Nosana revealed its intention to become the first decentralized compute platform for CI/CD and getting those plans into motion. After a successful launch, we started building out our CI platform. Right now, we’re proud to say that we have a functioning peer-to-peer system where CI jobs can run and be distributed across a network of nodes.

And as with any open-source project, Nosana can only thrive with a thriving community. We saw a large increase in community members upon our successful token launch, and are thankful for the members who have continued their enthusiasm for our development during the first phase of our testnet as well as the launch of our staking program and subsequent NFT mint. As you might expect, we couldn’t be more thrilled to extend a hearty welcome to all newcomers.

This year, our top priorities were to launch our token, as well as launching the alpha build of our network. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Nosana Network’s most important advancements in 2022.


Staking program
The staking program debuted with the launch of the Nosana Dashboard. Staking NOS tokens is a requirement to make use of the Nosana Network but it also provides holders with many other rewards, like climbing in the Nosana Tier system and participating in the Burner Phone NFT drops.

Nosana Jobs
One of the year’s most anticipated features! The Nosana Jobs program enables projects to post jobs on the network and pay for them with NOS tokens. With our native container executor, you can optimize your workflow by running any container command. We can pull from all public repositories.

Nosana Docs
We went above and beyond to ensure that you have all the documentation you need to make the most of the Nosana Network. Over 18 pages of extensive information regarding each Nosana feature. Each program has simple quick-start guides.

Secrets Manager
The Secrets Manager allows you to store sensitive information such as database passwords, API keys, or other credentials required to access resources or services during the build or deployment process. You can then grant nodes access to use these secrets as needed throughout the pipeline, without having to hardcode them in your code or configuration files.

Network Integration with Burner Phone NFTs
Our Burner Phone NFTs were created as a tool to use with our compute platform. They’re powerful assets that are used within the Nosana Network, and some of them have boosts that enhance our services. They are also a requirement for nodes in order to provide CPU on our platform. The first mint consisted of 50 burner phones, which were awarded to stakers in our Staking & Rewards program’s mint pass lottery.


Casino Night
We hosted a virtual night of games and gave away four mint passes for our Burner Phone NFTs to celebrate the community and have some fun. More than 30 people joined the team and had a great time playing poker. It was a pleasant event that served as a warm-up for our Burner Phones Festival.

Burner Phones Festival
​​This was one of the year’s most exciting events! The Burner Phones Festival was a big hit with our community, with 10 days of gifts revealed daily in loot boxes. We gave away fantastic tech prizes, including an Xbox!

Vision for 2023

2023 is poised to be the year when Nosana’s core innovation proves itself in all its glory. Our view is that the time has come for peer-to-peer compute as a sector and a movement to be established and gain traction. Over the past year, we have set out a strategy to accelerate the adoption of a distributed CI/CD network. We believe that with our technical stack and advancements in play, it will be easy for developers to embrace our platform, which is our main focus point for 2023.

As we turn the page and start to pen this new chapter together, we want to invite everyone who is new to the Nosana Network to join us as we embark on the most exciting chapter of the Nosana saga yet!