Nosana Launches Incentivized Public Test Grid with 3 Million $NOS

3 min readNov 22, 2023


In our recent announcement, we unveiled a pivotal shift in Nosana’s direction, signaling a transition to a massive GPU-compute grid for AI inference.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Nosana’s Incentivized Test Grid, a multi-phase program that will further power the AI revolution by providing an opportunity for anyone to participate in our GPU-compute grid for AI inference.

This month-long test grid is tailored for developers, AI enthusiasts, and all those eager to partake in the unfolding decentralization movement.

The Test Grid marks an important milestone on our journey, paving the way for Nosana’s Mainnet launch. By combining a diversity of GPUs from different stakeholders into our first compute grid, we will be able to measure and finetune the network’s performance and improve its features. This is a step towards providing decentralized cloud infrastructure, freeing users from the lock-in of cloud providers, and guiding them to the opportunities Nosana presents.
-Jesse Eisses, Co-founder of Nosana

Unleashing the Power of Community-driven Testing

Our Incentivized Test Grid is an open invitation to developers, data scientists, and AI enthusiasts to test the limits of our GPU-compute grid and help us refine it before we launch on the mainnet. With a total prize pool of 3 million $NOS tokens, this program is our way of recognizing and rewarding the contributions of our community as we work together to make AI more accessible and powerful than ever before.

A Multi-phase Approach

The Incentivized Test Grid will be split into multiple phases, each designed to thoroughly evaluate specific aspects of our GPU-compute grid. The first phase will start on the 10th of December and run until the 10th of January, with a total pool of 250K tokens. Registration for phase 1 will begin on the 1st of December, be limited in numbers, and support select NVIDIA graphics cards.

As we progress through the phases, we will gradually introduce new features, expand hardware support, and enable more AI programs and models to be run. This phased approach ensures that we are gathering comprehensive feedback and addressing any potential issues before we move to the mainnet.

A Reward for Incentivized Contributions

To incentivize participation and reward valuable contributions, we have allocated a prize pool of 3 million $NOS tokens for all phases of our test grid. Rewards will be based on a combination of factors, including the amount of testing performed, the quality of feedback provided, and the identification of potential bugs or improvements. Additionally, we will offer bonuses for those who take the time to educate others, share their findings on social media, and contribute to the overall success of the test grid.

Join the Initiative

The Test Grid Phase 1 is a virtual event that starts on December 10th and runs until January 10th. We welcome everyone with a NVIDIA GPU to join the registration process, starting on December 1st. Let’s power the AI revolution together!

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