Nosana Mint Pass Lottery

What is a Mint Pass?

Every mint pass can be swapped one-to-one for a Burner Phone NFT in the Nosana Vending Machine. It will be completely random which phone you receive for your pass. The vending machine will be stocked with burner phones several days after the distribution of Mint Passes, but you can have a look at the machine here:

Participating in the Lottery

Mint passes will be distributed to users that have staked their NOS tokens. To participate, you just have to stake tokens at

A Fair Lottery

Nosana’s guiding principles are: public, verifiable computations, and open source. It is important to us that this lottery happens in a completely fair and transparent way, which unfortunately is not a common thing in the NFT space. Our lottery algorithm is open source and can be viewed here: draw-mint-pass-lottery.ts. It was built so that anyone could replicate the lottery and its results on their own device. This is roughly how it works:

  • The script waits and polls the Solana blockchain for the first block after 26-09-2022T13:00:00
  • It will make a snapshot of the state of all stakers at this point
  • It will collect the hash of this block and use it to seed a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG)
  • It will perform a raffle using the stake snapshot and the seeded PRNG
  • A distribution file is generated for sending mint passes to the winners

Burner Phone NFTs

Burner phones are an extremely exciting update to the Nosana Network. The NFTs not only grant access to operate a node on the Nosana Network, but they also grant access to special community channels, can be used as avatars on the network, and give network boosts to their holders. Over the weekend, further information regarding these NFTs will be provided as a lead-up to the launch, so stay tuned.



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