Nosana Network Introduces Burner Phone NFT Collection

2 min readSep 27, 2022


This week

Nosana CI, the first decentralized CPU-based Dev(Ops) solutions platform, is launching its Burner Phone NFT collection this week. Holders will get pipeline discounts, increased NOS rewards for providing CPU, access to private events, a fast track into upcoming governance, and more.

First Drop

The Burner Phone NFT collection consists of 850 NFTs on the Solana blockchain, with 50 on the first drop. Holders who have staked at least 1k NOS on the Nosana Dashboard have entered into the staking leaderboard tier system. The higher the level, the better the incentives. The Burner Phone NFT drop is the first use case of the staking tier system.

Mint Passes sent

Each of the top 20 stakers has won an NFT mint pass instantly. Another 30 mint passes were raffled off to stakers in Tiers 2–5. A total of 50 mint passes have been sent to the winner’s wallets, which they can use in the Nosana NFT Vending Machine to mint their NFT from the first burner phone collection. Click here for more information on the mint pass lottery.

Burner Phone Festival

One of the first perks Burner Phone NFT owners will have access to is the Burner Phone Festival in October. A loot box will be dropped daily for 20 days, and selected NFT holders will be able to open it. Gifts inside these loot boxes will range from digital assets to tangible goods such as Apple merchandise. More information to come this Friday.

Burner Phone NFTs provide a portal to a community that is dedicated to liberating this world from big server farms. Holders will be at the forefront of the crowd-computing revolution and, at the same time, receive special perks in the network, a reward for being involved early. Burner Phones are NFTs-done-right: a free mint for dedicated community members and an intrinsic utility to its cause. -Jesse Eisses, Co-founder, Nosana CI

About Nosana

Nosana assists open-source initiatives in developing faster, more cost-effective, and more secure software. It is the first decentralized computation platform fueled by the NOS token and powered by the Solana blockchain. At its core, Nosana is a platform for crowd-computing, where community members may rent out the CPU power of their machines to their favorite projects in exchange for NOS tokens. Nosana will support the vast majority of consumer electronics, making it a very accessible option to produce extra revenue. With Nosana, open source projects may automate themselves without relying on Big Tech.