Nosana’s Incentivized Testnet for projects is live!

The Testnet program is designed to put Nosana’s CI features and tools to the test before they go live on Mainnet. Open-source software projects are incentivized based on their Nosana network usage. In other words, you will receive tokens for running free pipelines. Selected projects will automatically receive 500 $NOS tokens for joining our Testnet. They can earn up to 10.000 $NOS tokens by testing code with our Network. Our pipelines will start with basic support for ESLint checks. More features and supported languages will be added and based on community feedback received in our Discord server. Testnet tokens can only be used to run Nosana pipelines, and will convert to mainnet tokens after we launch our mainnet product.

How-to guide

Step 1: Visit
Here you’ll find our Incentivized Testnet interface. We’ll focus on the top section for now. As you can see below, we provided three simple steps to be eligible to participate in our Incentivized Testnet.

Step 2: Connect your wallet
Connect with one of our available wallet providers. Select the account you want to use for your Nosana account.

Login by verifying the attached address.

Step 3: Add repository
If you successfully connected your wallet to our Testnet, you will see a small checkbox in the top right corner. Now it’s time to add your repository. Please note: as we’re currently only running ESLint checks with our pipelines, you must add a Javascript repo to make use of our network right now.

The first time you add a pipeline it will prompt a pop-up, asking you to authorize the Nosana Platform to access your GitHub account. This makes it possible for us to install the webhook that’s needed to run the Nosana pipelines.

After authorization, you’ll be able to search and select the repos you want to add. Our Testnet will ask to reconnect your wallet, as the Github authorization happened outside the Testnet environment.

Step 4: Request funds
If you’ve successfully connected your repo(s) to our Testnet, it will show a small checkbox in the top right corner. Now it’s time to add your project information and request funds. Please note: we can only host a small number of projects on our incentivized Testnet and have to manually check every project. You’ll receive an e-mail from us when your request is approved. Until approval your request shows “pending”.

Participation eligibility is dependent on complete and accurate information, so please do not leave any information out. A Discord name is not mandatory, however it is important in granting you access to private areas in our Discord server that allow you to connect directly to our development team to receive support and provide feedback about our Testnet.

That’s it! If you’ve followed the steps above, you have successfully requested funds to participate in our Incentivized Testnet. If your project is selected, it will automatically receive 500 $NOS tokens for joining our Testnet and has the possibility to earn up to 10.000 $NOS tokens by testing code with our Network.

Register your project here!

Thanks for reading!




Decentralized CI/CD

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Decentralized CI/CD

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