Summer is in full swing and so is development at Nosana HQ!

The Metaverse Will Require 1000x More Computing Power

Helping businesses gain access to compute capacity that is always “on” will become a pressing necessity over the next few years as the amount of processing power needed continues to rise in both traditional and web3 metaverse communities. Nosana brings decentralized crowd computing to the metaverse at its most critical time of need.

The Nosana Solution for Decentralized DevOps

The maintenance of a metaverse requires a significant investment of resources. When you operate around the clock, you don’t want any downtime. The Nosana Network can make sure that the development, bug fixing, and other processes run smoothly every time you need it.

Almost all projects need to release new content on a consistent basis in order to maintain community interest. Maintaining a consistent update schedule requires a reliable test and deployment setup.

Nosana’s CICD tooling makes it possible for developers to run fully automated DevOps pipelines. This makes development easier, reduces the number of software bugs introduced in updates, and removes user error. Because Nosana is decentralized, the automation will also be transparent to users and thus increases the communication and trust with your user base.

Nosana Partners with WEYU to Power WEYU WORLD

WEYU has been working on the development of its own web3 virtual environment, known as WEYU World. Our crowd computing platform will be WEYU World’s premier compute to enable its metaverse economy and ecosystem. WEYU World will be the first metaverse to be supported by Nosana’s CICD tools. The Nosana community is growing, and there are now over 30 thousand people eager to offer their processing power to the WEYU world initiative.

The introduction of Nosana Burner Phone NFTs

In addition to providing decentralized compute power to WEYU World, our exclusive Nosana Burner Phone NFT collection will be displayed on the WEYU NFT Marketplace in the near future. Each item in this collection is a one-of-a-kind digital collectible on the Solana blockchain and has certain characteristics that enhance your actions on the Nosana Network.

Why a Burner Phone?

We believe the mobile phone deserved its own metaverse equivalent because it is so intertwined with our daily lives. Our NFT, however, is not just any mobile phone; it is a burner phone. An off-the-grid object that signifies anonymity. Perfect for individuals who, like us, see a decentralized future.

Coming to Your Wallet Soon

Our Burner Phone vending machines will soon hit the (digital) streets. To celebrate, we’ll be giving away credits — which you can use to buy a Burner Phone. Keep an eye out for more details on our very first community giveaway. Make sure to follow us on Discord to stay in the know:

Not just a JPEG

Burner Phone NFTs aren’t ‘just JPEGs’ — they’re powerful assets you can use within the Network, not to mention all the perks that come with them in the future. Here’s a list of some of the most exciting features of our Burner Phones::

  • Guaranteed early access to our incentivized testnet during phase 2 to earn as a node
  • Access to an exclusive Discord channel where you can vote on future rewards and new properties of the phone itself
  • A free virtual representation of your NFT, to be used in future metaverses like WEYU world
  • For certain burner phones, VIP access to exclusive limited-edition merchandise
  • One-of-a-kind reward-boosting utility when mainnet goes live — for a limited number of Burner Phones only, details to come

You can learn more about our decentralized CPU-based solution at

Thanks for reading!



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